Bespoke Hardwood Dining Table & Chairs

For most of us, the way we dine at home has changed from the days of the dedicated dining room. The act of eating together has lost none of its significance as part of the way to share our time as family and friends, even if we do not do it quite as often as we used to. Perhaps because we eat together less often the time we do becomes even more precious.

As part of the refurbishment of a stunning house in Brixham, as part of a top to bottom interior design scheme, we needed a new dining table for the large open kitchen and dining space. Our clients B & M wanted a place where they can accommodate an expanding three generations of family and friends for sit down meals, breakfast for two, impromptu lunches and spreading out the papers over breakfast. The size, look and feel of the dining suite had to fit the space and needs perfectly to do justice to stunning new kitchen, adjacent open plan lounge and the panoramic sea views. Whilst there are many great ready-made solutions we suggested our clients look at a bespoke option which would allow them to have something truly unique.

At Fruition we like to work with local suppliers and craftsmen whenever possible and after some research came across Orpago Furniture Makes near Kingsbridge in Devon. I had visited Tom at his workshop some months ago to find out more about how they worked and see the the tables and chairs up close. In addition to the more rustic crafted furniture Tom has a range of tables and chairs with modern lines in the tradition of Scandinavia and the mid century aesthetic. The combination of rich English timbers and modernity manages to be both reassuringly traditional in quality but refreshingly light, contemporary and elegant.

One of the many pleasures of working with local master craftsmen is being able to take clients to see where and how the things are made and the passion that goes into each piece. An hour passed very quickly as we all discussed how the timber was selected, the features and characteristics of timber types, extending leaves, leg types and the fact that most timber is from the UK.

The Weaverly was the table that first drew me to Orpago and the one recommended for the client. After a good review of each option and what we details liked and disliked in each design we settled on the recommendation. To compliment this stunning table 8 matching chairs have also been commissioned. We will take delivery a week tomorrow – a Friday and the placing of the table will be one of the significant milestones in the transformation from building site a to home once again.

The accompanying pictures show the stages of manufacture as the beautiful raw timber becomes an elegant piece of furniture. If you are looking to transform your home and would like some help to find that special piece that will make your home that bit more uniquely yours – please feel free to give us a call. We are always happy to help.


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