What does vegan interior design really mean?

Our basic guide to vegan interiors

We are not only making healthier and eco friendly choices with our diet. It seems the vegan trend is going much further. We are thinking about how we can help the planet in everything we buy and use. There was the first ever vegan fashion week in Los Angeles, Stella McCartney is designing vegan trainers and Megan Markle has painted the nursery with vegan friendly paint.

So its not where the thriving vegan food market it yet. There are so many options now for eating plant based with M&S ready meal range vegan only restaurants popping up everywhere and most restaurants offering vegan options. The interior product market has some catching up to do but we are sure that it will.  There is a demand for it and it’s not about living a strict lifestyle and converting the world to this way of life.  It’s also about simply caring about the environment, understanding how much of an impact our lifestyle choices have and wanting to do our bit.

Oxford Stripe Chinchilla Blanket

Medina Tangier Rug

We are seeing the impact of global warming and also the effects on our health of everything we consume.  We want to know what we are buying, where it has come from and what has happened to it along the way.

Its about paying attention to ingredients and processes just as we would with our food. 

But what does vegan interior design really mean? Well its replacing any animal based products with alternatives such as faux leather, fur, wool and silk, bedding filled with down alternatives, animal friendly paint that doesn’t contain milk products or beeswax and basally making your home more environmentally friendly.  We are talking sustainable wood, linen, cotton, jute.  When you start to look there are plenty of alternatives to furnish your home. 

Weaver Green is a Salcombe based company that have taken on a eco friendly approach to interior products.  Their fabrics for their rugs, cushions, throws, and ottomans are made from fabric recycled bottles.  The result is beautiful products that are stain resistant and can be used indoors or outdoors.

On this page we have collected a few of their items that we love….

Kas Navy cushion

Kasbah Smoke Ottoman

Dove Grey Chenille Rug