An Interview with Devon artist Becky Bettesworth

I met with local artist Becky Bettesworth at her home studio to talk about what inspires her, embracing the Devon coastal lifestyle and how she has made her iconic prints such a success. 

A Becky Bettesworth artwork piece is recognisable straight away. Perfect composition with a dreamy nostalgic feel is brought to life with her careful choice of colour making fun, nautical or suggesting the evening sun over the water. 

Her artworks appeal to so many of us because they are reminiscent of our favourite holidays, where we are from or they can bring a piece of idlilic coastal living into a city home. 

As we sat in Becky’s kitchen drinking peppermint tea she spoke about how she started out.

Becky has always painted but after experimenting with a different style she exhibited at the Cary Arms Pub and Spa where she was then asked to create four pictures for Agatha Christie’s Greenway House.

She had the idea for travel style posters which were perfect for the setting and was soon asked if she could supply to the National Trust shop as a trade supplier to sell to the public.

They were such a success that other galleries and shops contacted her requesting to stock her prints. The first gallery to purchase the prints was the Rowbury Gallery in Dartmouth who still stock her prints to this day.

It was then that Becky set up her Website and Facebook page which including her Instagram page now have a collective following of over 30 thousand followers. Her prints can be purchased through her website  

and Instagram pages…

@beckybettesworth and @becky_bettesworth_shop

Colour is an important factor in Becky’s work. You can see from her beautiful styled home and the way she puts colour together doesn’t happen accidentally.

She makes an effort to stay true to what she likes, and there are no fixed rules to what she produces. Elements are arranged by eye.

The most interesting fact I learnt about her work is that each piece is really an artistic impression of the place.

Its a collection of objects and iconic geographical elements put together in a view that all together give an impression of the well known location. 

In reality that view doesn’t actually exist.  Her artistic licence is used cleverly to create something unique and as a result we are given an insight into Becky’s mind with every piece. 

Becky’s finds inspiration from everything around her, it can be anything that catches her eye such as “a pattern on a fabric and combination of colours can be incredible”

She is intrigued by colours that you wouldn’t expect to see together and is constantly “being inspired by seeing and looking”. 

Becky loves experimenting and uses her eye and instinct to decide when she is happy with a piece. 


Becky fully embraces the coastal Devon lifestyle. Her day is centered  around her family with husband Matt and their three children.

She usually starts with some yoga at home or a class, then after the mad rush of the school run there’s always a walk or run with Squiggle the family dog along the coast path.

When enough sea air has been consumed its home to work in her studio and managing her team, which includes  packaging up prints to send to retailers, internet orders and getting creative.

The daily challenge with having your own business, Becky says “is splitting time between the day to day running and the creative part”.

She has an amazing team that deal with enquires and the huge amount of admin, which is part of the secret behind her success.

She has so many ideas and wants to find more time to get lost in creating more, which is always a challenge as a working mum.  

Her focus recently has been expanding her range into not just new locations but also quotes and other products such as calendars, diaries, cushions and scarves and even chocolate.

Her latest prints are of retro style camping, surfing images with quotes, and the latest locations are Brighton and Blackpool in using really nostalgic and quirky pinks and pastels. 

Check out her product range on the Becky Bettesworth website and let us know your favourite print! 

Here are selection of our favourites…..

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