Wall art ideas for a contemporary home

Interior design tips for 2020

We have selected some beautiful sets of framed art prints from one of our favourite online suppliers Desineo.

You can add interest to any interior space and give a finishing touch with one of these prints or a use a set to give a designer feel. 

Keeping picture frames consistent and matching sizes creates formal gallery wall. Carefully choosing where to hang them in your room and positioning carefully to make a feature of them will make the display look thought out and give you that home styled look. 

Whatever your colour scheme one of these sets could work, whether you want to add a bit of natural colour to a brighten up with the leafy prints and sandy tones or you can offset a brighter space with black and white prints.  You could even go for a really minimal feel by using monochrome photos on white walls.

We have done the design work for you. Have fun with them and be bold. 

Relaxing Beach Pastels

Lunar Phases


Succulent Close Ups

Soft Sandy Tones & Textures

Leafy greens

Monochrome coastal vibes

Natural Taupes

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